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1. What to expect from your visit

Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be sent a comprehensive Health Questionnaire to complete. Please complete and submit at least 48 hours before your appointment. This will enable us to spend our time together most productively focused on your key issues.

Your first visit will last approximately 90 minutes and will involve a comprehensive intake, medical history and physical exam. You may be surprised at the level of detail discussed during your intake! Enjoy having this space to be heard, this is one of the great benefits of working with a naturopath.

Standard labs and/or specialty functional testing may be ordered at this time as relevant. 

An in-house hydrotherapy or physiotherapy treatment may also be added on, if suitable.

A well-researched, individualized treatment plan will be tailored to you and explained thoroughly.

Your second visit will be between 30-60 minutes depending on the extent of lab explanation required. At this point, a more detailed treatment plan may be provided. 

Your second visit could be via tele-health depending on the content of the visit. Tele-health visits are available for future check-in appointments.

Your naturopathic health care can be coordinated with your existing health care providers to provide you with a unified central point of contact. 

What to Expect
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2. What to expect from your Tele-health visit 

You can schedule a tele-health visit at the 'Book your appointment' link. You will receive a confirmation email with an online Health Questionnaire to complete. Please complete the Health Questionnaire at least 48 hours before your appointment.

At the day and time of your appointment, you will receive an email with a direct link to the video platform where we will meet for your appointment. This video platform is HIPAA-compliant. It is not Zoom or another video chat service. It is seamlessly integrated into my health records for easy and secure use. It is the best video platform I could find for medical purposes and works great.

The only difference with tele-health visits and in-person visits is I will l not be able to performs a physical exam including vitals and orthopedic assessments. Therefore, you may be required to come in at a later date for a physcial check-up. 

All lab work and specialty testing can be ordered as no​rmal.

You will receive a personalized treatment plan and detailed follow-up instructions as normal.

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3. How to Get Started  

To get started working with me, either schedule an appointment online or contact me via the New Patient Inquiry Form. Completing a New Patient Inquiry Form is a good first step if you still have a specific question. If you would like a free 10 minute consultation call with me, you can use this form to request one.


After you have scheduled an appointment, you will be provided with a comprehensive health intake form to complete and return prior to your appointment. Take the time to enjoy completing this health intake form. It provides you with time to think about your health goals and potential obstacles to cure, which will empower you to make any future required health behavior changes.

How to Get Started
Services and Fees

4. Services and Fees


Naturopathic intake (90 minutes) $300

Naturopathic check-in follow-up appointments $250 (60 minutes) and $150 (30 minutes)


Nutrigenomics consultation (90 minutes) $300

Hydrotherapy Constitutional Treatment (60 minutes) $60 

Hydrotherapy Constitutional Treatment - Package of 5 - $275

Hydrotherapy Constitutional Treatment - Package of 10 - $500

Constitutional hydrotherapy treatments require an initial naturopathic intake.

Far Infrared Sauna Treatment (60 minutes) $60 

Far Infrared Sauna Treatment - Package of 5 - $275

Far Infrared Sauna Treatment - Package of 10 - $500

Far Infrared Sauna + Hydrotherapy Constitutional (90 minutes) $90

Far Infrared Sauna treatments do not require an initial naturopathic intake.


CranioSacral Therapy (60 minutes) $60


Hydrotherapy Contrast Treatment (30 minutes) $40

Physiotherapy $40


This appointment is either for the BioImpedance Analysis or for blood collection for testing $20


Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare insurance patients receive 20% off all intakes and check-ins.

Farmers and growers receive 10% off all intakes and check-ins.

Nutrigenomics Analysis, Hydrotherapy Treatments, Infrared Sauna Treatments and Physiotherapy are exempt from this discount.


All fees are due at the time of service. Cash, major credit cards, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are accepted forms of payment. Personal checks are not accepted at this time.


Dr. Tara Tranguch is an Out of Network Insurance Provider. At your request, you will be provided with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance company. It is your responsibility to understand what your insurance will and will not reimburse.


A $90 deposit is required at the time of booking. This deposit will be applied towards your appointment fee. There is a 2 business day cancellation policy for all appointments. Patients that do not cancel within this period will forfeit the $90 deposit made at the time of scheduling.

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