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Personalized Nutrition to
Optimize your Genes

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You are completely unique from every other person on this planet.


Humans are 99.9% similar, but this 0.1% genetic variability makes all the difference. It determines the color of our hair, how we react to caffeine, our ability to lose weight, how we recover from exercise, how quickly we age, and so much more.


Our unique genetic blueprint determines who we are and how we interact with the world. 


Curious to know your genetic blueprint?

Decode your genetic blueprint

Your SNPs are what make your genetic blueprint unique.


SNPs stands for single nucleotide polymorphisms and is pronounced ‘snips’. If you remember learning about the DNA double helix in biology class, your DNA is made of base pairs. A SNP is when the nucleotides in a base pair are different than the most common variant.


A SNP in itself may or may not have an impact on your health, but your combination of SNPs in a particular pathway becomes clinically relevant. 

Optimize your genes

And here’s the great news. Your unique set of genes can be optimized. The genes you are born provide the blueprint of your health, but they do not predetermine who you are. Nutrition, supplements, your environment and lifestyle choices impact how your genes express themselves. This is called epigenetics.


Epigenetics is the study of how external influences impact genetic expression. It explains how inputs such as diet, environment and lifestyle can turn up or turn down how a gene is expressed. Genes make proteins which are the basis of hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and other factors in our vital functions. Our daily choices impact which genes are expressed, and therefore which proteins are made.

Nutrigenomics is defined as how foods and nutrients change the way our genes express themselves. Through diet, supplement and lifestyle changes, you can positively impact your genetic expression.

NutriGenome™ answers: 

How do I process certain nutrients?

What is my metabolism like?

How well do I detoxify?

What is the best form of exercise for me?

How can I optimize my health? 

What is my cardiovascular health? Brain health? Mood health?

And so many more questions.


NutriGenome™ decodes your genetic blueprint and analyzes 32 biochemical pathways so you can learn how you function at a cellular level.


This includes understanding your unique metabolism, how well you detoxify, how prone you are to aging quickly, your ability to lose weight, what type of exercise works best for you, your cardiovascular health, your collagen and joint health, brain health, how well you assimilate different nutrients, and so. much. more. 

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Once you understand which SNPs and pathways are impacting your health goals, you can then tweak them through diet, supplement and lifestyle changes. 


NutriGenome™ provides you with a personalized treatment plan to optimize the pathways that will enable you to reach your health goals. This is precision medicine.


This personalized plan will be a combination of diet recommendations, professional grade nutriceuticals, your ideal form of exercise, environment and lifestyle changes.

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The end result of knowing your genetic blueprint is you become your best self.


The genetics we were born with combined with the epigenetic overlay of our daily choices determine who we are today and who we become tomorrow.

NutriGenome™ enables your optimal well-being through a personalized and precise treatment plan.

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How NutriGenome™ works



Identify your health concerns.

Your first appointment with Dr. Tranguch discusses your personal medical history, identifies health concerns and pinpoints your

health goals.



Take the genetic test.


This is a simple swab of the inside of each cheek.


Your test is analyzed at a HIPAA compliant lab. Your genetic information is de-identified and not used for any purpose other than generating your personal report.



Understand your genetic blueprint.


5 weeks after submitting the test, your second appointment with Dr. Tranguch walks through your genetic blueprint. The metabolic pathways having the most impact on your health are analyzed in detail.



Personalized treatment plan.


Dr. Tranguch provides you with a treatment plan that is individualized to you.  It is personalized to your genes, your health goals and your lifestyle.



A plan is only as good as its implementation.


You do the daily work, but you have Dr. Tara Tranguch as your guide, coach and cheerleader.

It is recommended to schedule regular check-ins to receive this benefit.

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NutriGenome™ Program

​Nutrigenome™ Program offers: 

  • 3x4 Genetic test

  • 90 minutes Nutrigenomics Consultation

  • Personalized precision medicine treatments

  • Physician support and encouragement



  • Schedule your NutriGenome™ Intake appointment at the button below.

  • Under Nutrigenomics, choose the NutriGenomics Consultation. 

  • Choose a day and time.

Why Try NutriGenome™

There is so much information out there. It can be confusing to know what is best for you.  What foods are optimal for your health? What supplements should you be taking? What type of exercise is best for you? What health recommendations fit who you are? 


✔ Maybe you have been eating clean, taking the latest popular supplement, exercising regularly and yet something is still not quite right. Maybe it's those extra pounds you can't lose, that mid-afternoon energy slump or poor sleep quality. You can't figure out what to do differently.


✔ Maybe you are looking to optimize your exercise routine and improve your performance and endurance.


✔ Maybe you want to take the best preventive care of your health.


Try NutriGenome™. It delivers your genetic blueprint together with a personalized treatment plan to help you optimize your health.


Optimize your genes

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