Naturopathic Medical Clinic

in Woodbury, CT

Woodbury's new home for personalized wellness and transformative health.

20 Sherman Hill Road

Woodbury, Connecticut 06798

T: 203-707-1163

Fax: 203-682-4549


The office is located in the heart of beautiful Woodbury, CT nestled in the Litchfield Hills. Barclay Square is on Rt 64 just before it intersects with Rt 6 and is directly across the street from Wells Fargo bank.

Upon entering the plaza, there is abundant parking to your left. Dr. Tranguch's naturopathic medical clinic is located between Carlito's Restaurant and The West Egg. There is handicap accessible parking and entrance.

Visiting Woodbury:

Woodbury was named Connecticut's "Most Charming Small Town" in 2018. It boasts an amazing line-up of restaurants, antique shops, art galleries, unique boutiques, hiking trails, a brewery and the best health food store in the state. If you are driving into town for your naturopathic medical appointment, make a day out of your visit and enjoy Woodbury! 


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