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Cleanse & Liver Detox

Guided Cleanse

Feel and look your absolute best this spring (and summer!)


Why Detoxify?

Improve Energy
Weight Loss
Mental Clarity
Better Digestion
Healthy Skin
Break Bad Habits
Sleep Better

Increased toxic burden can manifest in the body as a myriad of symptoms: fatigue, irritability, joint pain, brain-fog, digestive problems, hot flashes, allergic reactions, sneezing, and coughing.

Toxins come from air pollution, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, radiation, parabens, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, processed foods, internal stress, trauma etc.

Reducing toxin exposure is one solution. But what has happened to all the toxins stored in the body from decades of living? They are still there!

Toxic burden is when the incoming toxins exceed the liver’s ability to remove them. 

Biotransformation is the biological process where toxins are transformed into less harmful metabolites that can be bound and excreted from the body.


This 7 day cleanse aids the liver in all phases of detoxification, and ensures incoming toxins are removed and eliminated. If you feel sluggish, tired, achy, and run down, maybe it’s time for your “filter to be cleaned.”

7 Day Cleanse and Liver Detox
( + 2 days for prep & next steps)

Cleanse and Liver Detox is a combination of nutraceuticals, optional fasting and clean eating.

You are guided along the way by a doctor.


The nutraceuticals for this cleanse are the Core Restore Program by Ortho Molecular Products, a high-grade supplement company known for their product purity and efficacy.


There are 3 supplements included:

  • Core Support - protein, 8g of fiber, NAC, and high-ORAC  vegetable extracts and polyphenols to support phase 2 liver detoxification.

  • MitoCORE - a comprehensive multivitamin and mineral blend with methylated B12, folate and D3 as well as antioxidants to increase cellular energy and protect the cells from oxidative stress during detoxification.

  • PhytoCore - nutrients to support Phase 1 and Phase 2 liver detoxification and to improve toxin binding and excretion.

In addition to the above supplements, your Cleanse and Detox Kit also includes:

  • Patient Handbook with grocery shopping list, meal planning, recipes and education about liver detoxification

  • Pre- and Post-Detox Questionnaire to check your progress and health improvements

On the Guided Cleanse, you will receive

  • Daily emails from Dr. Tara Tranguch

More information about the Core Restore program and how it supports liver detoxification is included in the above PDF document and at this link.

Interested to know what you will - and will not - be eating? Check out the food list in this PDF. 

Spring 2024
Cleanse Sign-Up Form

Are you ready to join the Spring Cleanse and Liver Detox?

Feel and look your absolute best
this spring (and summer!)

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Positive Feedback

"Dr. T! Yesterday was day #7! I'm thrilled to be finished and learned much about my body throughout the process. 

Overall, the Detox Plan was worth the (small) investment and time. The Cleanse was easy to follow, and Dr. Tranguch offered helpful suggestions and encouragement throughout. Overall, I enjoyed my journey!

Thank you, Dr. Tranguch!"

- Lisa F.
Spring 2022

Get Started

Are you ready to lighten up for spring? You can do this.

Getting started is easy.

1. Sign up for the cleanse (Click the sign up button to the right).

2. Stop by the clinic to finalize payment ($115) and collect your Cleanse and Detox Kit. 

3. All guided cleanses start on a Saturday and conclude on the following Sunday. You will choose which Saturday to start when you sign up for the cleanse. Start dates are May 4, May 11, May 18, May 25 and June 1.

Total Cost: $115 

Cleanse Schedule


Saturday - Pre-cleanse preparation day. This is the day to stop coffee, alcohol, nicotine, sugar and to start eating lighter. Complete the pre-cleanse questionnaire on this day.


Sunday and Monday - First 2 days of the cleanse when you begin taking Core Restore supporting supplements.. These are optional water/juice fasting days or you can follow clean eating for 3 meals/day. 


Tuesday - Saturday - Days 3-7 of the cleanse. On these days you take Core Restore supplements and follow clean eating for 3 meals/day.


Sunday - Post-cleanse transition day to acknowledge all your health improvements and set your post-cleanse health goals. Celebrate your successes and enjoy your new health!

Spring 2024
Cleanse Sign-Up Form

Are you ready to join the Spring Cleanse and Liver Detox?

Feel and look your absolute best
this spring (and summer!)


I am so excited to guide you on this  Cleanse & Liver Detox. I did my first detox about 20 years ago in Thailand. It was a 3 day water fast and it was completely transformative: it helped me break bad habits, I started eating better, and it put me on a path towards better health. Since that first detox, I have guided many people on cleanses and detoxes.

If you have questions, drop me a note.

Dr. Tara Tranguch

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